Jumping Out of Planes. No Big Deal.

I hate heights.  Like really hate them.  I sit by a window in my third story office and get scared looking down at passerbys.  I also hate flying.  I HATE planes.  They are… Continue reading

Mammoth Bound

I am a snow lover.   Growing up in Northern California my family and I frequented Tahoe like it was no one’s business.  I love that place.  I used to ask my parents… Continue reading

Let’s do Lunch

I always do the same thing at lunch.  My coworker/friend at work and I usually go to lunch together somewhere close to the office to grab a bite to eat.  We have a… Continue reading

An Old Friend

So, even though I have my degree in Communications and can talk anyone’s ear off, I often have a hard time keeping in touch with old friends.  The phone has just never been my thing. … Continue reading

Some like it…French?

This weekend my sister was in town and we decided to go to this lovely little French restaurant in Kensington – Bleu Boheme.  French food is always pretty rad in my book but… Continue reading

Every Day is Something New

Being a 26-year-old professional I often feel like my normal days have become static and routine.  Wake up.  Eat. Work.  Eat.  Work.  Workout.  Eat.  Sleep.  Repeat.  My days no longer consist of meeting… Continue reading